Oh hey! I'm Lily Kiti 

Behind the brand...

Designing + crafting things has always been an outlet for me to express creativity. Planning and producing is what I love doing. After a lot of sketches, lists, and time I was able to produce a full jewelry line. Wanting to attract a crowd of young and chic people. And that's exactly what happened, neat products attracted neat people. 

Constantly hand making jewelry from morning to night became a norm! There was a constant demand for them and I was doing it all! After I opened my little online shop I wanted to throw a blog into the mix. To give my website a little more of a lifestyle vibe. It always feels good to kinda get to know the owner of a brand to get the true vibe. And I think incorporating a blog was a perfect idea. I love sharing things I love and am living for. I feel that it makes people more comfortable and they are able to relate. 

This brand is a collection of random items that I truly enjoy producing. It feels good to produce good things for good people. The collection reaches towards the fresh + modern people that enjoy pretty things. Everything that is produced is to enhance beauty, style, and confidence. 

Building a brand has been a dream that I always thought would be accomplished later in my life. But this little dream of mine became a reality and has become a lifestyle. It's something I am so proud of but it's something that is still in the works. With a lot of work, failure, tears, success, and smiles it is the best thing I've done.

A little more about me....

I love writing and doodling in my notebook with cool gel pens, eating a good breakfast at a cute spot, taking photos, meeting new people, catching up with old people, collecting sunglasses, high waisted jeans, tasty beverages, slabs of marble, stars, running (when I'm in the mood), my desk, nude nail polish, fur coats, being positive.... that's just a short list of the things I LOVE